Biohazard Grunge Sign - Sepia"Biohazard Grunge Sign - Sepia" by Free Grunge Textures - is licensed under CC BY 2.0

For the last two years, we have stayed 1000% locked down. Masks, minimal contact with anyone outside our household, all of it. But hey, things are opening up, right? Time for us all to take on a BIT more risk, go out into the world and live a little. Last weekend we visited friends in New Hampshire. We ate lunch and dinner with them at two separate breweries (I like a good beer now and again :) And as a result this morning I tested positive for COVID-19. I am honestly in a quandary around how people are expected to confidently go out into the public and live their lives when what they can expect in return is, even for people who are vaxxed and boosted to the max like myself, a positively *miserable* experience. I THINK I'm over the worst of it - maybe? This weekend was awful. My whole body turned into a giant block of ice and I couldn't warm up no matter what I did (I finally made myself somewhat comfortable with 4 layers of clothing and 2 stout blankets). Today I'm just left with sore throat, cough, runny nose, and a diminished sense of taste (and probably smell. Can't tell. Too congested.) I understand that economic exigency means we all need to get over our fears and go back into the world but at what cost? Like I said, there are no deep thoughts here. I'm just sick and a little irrationally angry. We worked SO hard to stay safe all the time, and the moment we relax I get the plague :) Stay well everyone!