I am SO DONE With the Masking Policy Issue

A Weary Old Man Wearing a Facemask. Image by MidJourney

First off:

  • I am not against masks.
  • I am not against mask policies.
  • I am not against people expressing their views in an attempt to influence civic policy.

But I am sick and tired of watching communities tear themselves apart and event organizers be put in the unenviable position of angering one half of the populace or another.

I understand that you feel that being forced to wear a mask is an affront to your personal freedoms, and I also understand how the other half of you feel that this is a public health crisis and that there is only one right answer to this situation.

And I am sick as all get out of listening to/reading posts by all of you :)

I've had COVID-19 three times thus far myself. As someone who's 55 years old, I take this issue VERY seriously and will often mask in large groups where I can.

Now can we all please stop being at each others throats about this and get back to trying to live our lives the best we can in a crazy 2024? :)